What we do

We integrate your full financial picture and engineer a plan that is
suited to you.

Our process


We want to get to know you, your family and your business. We ask a lot of questions. We want to know what keeps you awake at night and what are your fears? What motivates you, your ambitions and your goals.

We get down to the facts of your current situation, your cash flow, your current financial picture personally and corporately.

2.Create a Blue Print

Once we have gathered all of your information and have a clear understanding of your financial situation, we create a comprehensive goal-based plan. We present it as a financial blue print as it is adjustable to the changes that to come in life.


“No one builds a legacy by standing still.”― Oscar Auliq-Ice. We truly subscribe to the philosophy that financial success is achieved through action not standing still. With a collaborative effort of our team and you, we facilitate the implementation of your plan by a priority sequence, starting with the most pressing to you.

  • Wealth management – proper asset allocation of your investments
  • Risk management and estate planning

We ensure that the process is seamless and your plan is implemented with accuracy and transparency.


We mandate regular reviews to ensure that the plan maintains its relevance with the change of time and your situation. We monitor the markets on the daily and are truly committed to being lifelong learners to ensure that you as a client are receiving Value throughout your working relationship with us.

Our objective is to grow and protect your wealth and this involves regular reviews and monitoring.

Your investment in our services

At Pretium Wealth, we understand the importance of flexibility and choice in all planning. In working with our clients, our fee structure is designed to integrate seamlessly into the uniqueness of every client’s financial situation and provide you with a custom fee structure that reflects the complexity or simplicity of your advice needs.

Option 01


Based on time and the complexity of your planning needs, we provide a consulting option where our compensation is structured on an hourly basis. This form of compensation is often best suited for clients who are seeking a second opinion on their existing financial plan or are looking for a technical review on a specific product in their current plan.

Option 02

Fee Offset Arrangement

We are compensated through a cost-offset arrangement where our standard engagement cost is based on the complexity of your situation ($1,500). Part of the cost will be waived should we receive compensation through the placement of an investment, insurance and/or other financial product(s) as part of the implementation of the action plan. This form of cost structure is ideal for the client who is seeking comprehensive financial planning services including our multifaceted portfolio management services.

Option 03

Commission Only

If you choose to work with us on a modularized basis where basic planning is done to ensure the right financial product is implemented for your situation, you have the option to choose a commission only structure whereby Pretium Wealth Financial will receive revenues as a result of the placement of investment, insurance and/or other products as part of the implementation of the action plan.


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