Nesrine Jabbour BSc, CFP

Founder/Director-Pretium Wealth Management Ltd.

When I started my own full-service firm 13 years ago, I was driven to excel by my own money story. Now with over $20 million in assets under management, I see how the best is yet to come. I’m known for my big laugh, a relentless drive to succeed and graciously working my way up in a male dominated industry.

I can see so clearly now, that it’s only in hindsight that we can look back and connect the dots. Working multiple jobs, showing up daily with tenacity and having the wisdom to start an RRSP at the age of 17 laid the foundation of my success and sparked a drive in me that fuels me to this day. 

I’ve never been more excited to create even more wealth & possibilities for my clients with my proven process.

Established entrepreneurs and business owners hire me to apply my unique blend of wisdom & tax planning to create more than prosperity & affluence for them. Together we fund a summer cottage on the lake where the family can gather or a 50th wedding anniversary celebration or providing a down payments for their children’s first home.

It’s so much more than money, it’s what you want to do with your wealth that matters.

I graduated university with a degree in Science of Business Management and hold my Certified Financial Planner Designation, striving everyday to continually grow professionally and personally. I am passionate about giving back and have been involved with various charities, including the SOS Children’s Villages , volunteering as their committee chair.

Personally, I believe that wealth & health go hand-in-hand and I believe in challenging my physical limits especially nowadays, to keep up with my two very energetic boys. I get outside as often as possible; I do love a good trail run and am always looking to train for my next half marathon.

Amanda Nelson (Lynch)

Certified Financial Planner™, BBA

Amanda is a Certified Financial Planner, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Strategic Management (Capilano University) followed by an Associate Certificate of Financial Management (BCIT). She has been working in a client-facing business for over 14 years and specifically in finance for the last six years. Amanda is the recipient of the Georgia Straight “Best of Vancouver 2018” for best Financial Advisor.

Over the last six years, Amanda has built a business based off trust, loyalty and most specifically relationships with her clients. Her focus when meeting with clients is to really get to know them both personally and professionally and to work together to build the most efficient tailored financial plan.

A large part of her practice is working with clients to understand their financial choices and educating them on different options that pertain to their specific situation. By educating clients, it empowers them to be a part of the planning process and have a better understanding of how we achieve their goals.

When not in the office, you can find her out in the woods hiking, camping, and enjoying all BC has to offer. Her family is her biggest driver, and her son reminds her to slow down and not take the world too seriously!